Canonum De Ius Virtus Naturae
Canons of Bioethics Law

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2.5 Medical Treatment

Article 50 - Medical Practitioner

Canon 4894 (link)

A Medical Practitioner, is a properly trained initiated member of a private Medicine guild, usually as either a Surgeon or a Physician

Canon 4895 (link)

A Physician is an initiated member of a private Medicine Guild practiced in the art of treating symptoms through pharmaceuticals rather than with surgery.

Canon 4896 (link)

A Surgeon is an initiated member of a private Medicine Guild practiced in the art of surgical procedures to treat symptoms rather than with pharmaceuticals.

Canon 4897 (link)

The word surgery and surgeon originate from the ancient Latin surgere meaning “to rise up, to get up, stand up” in reference to magical claims previously associated with medicine and cutting the body in order to “heal” it from “evil spirits”.

Canon 4898 (link)

It has been categorically proven that at the time of the Roman Empire, there existed competent physicians capable of performing complex operations using sterilized instruments very similar to the quality of surgical instruments that finally started to appear by the mid 20th Century, almost 2000 years later. These physicians were called chiurugia from the ancient Greek χειρουργική (kheirourgikí) from χείρ (kheir) meaning “hand” and ουράνιος (ouránios) meaning “celestial,heavenly”.

Canon 4899 (link)

In contrast to the skill of therapeutic physicians honored as chiurugia 2000 years before, the medical surgeons were known as infamous and relentless killers and “butchers” of their patients up until the 20th Century.

Canon 4900 (link)

As Medicine by its very foundations remains a force for ill, working against the common interests of each society, medical practitioner is a term that is forbidden to be used, reprobate and not permitted to be revived in preference to therapeutic healer.