Canonum De Ius Rex
Canons of Sovereign Law

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2.4 Hellenic Law Form

Article 45 - Polis

Canon 5708 (link)

A Polis, from Ancient Greek πόλις, is a term defining a recognized city, the body of citizens of a city and the act of citizenship itself.

Canon 5709 (link)

The word Polis originates from the ancient period of Greek city-states during the 1st Millennium BCE from around 800 BCE to 400 BCE.

Canon 5710 (link)

A full member of a Polis was known as a Polites (πολίτης) and is the Ancient Greek word for “citizen, freeman and compatriot”.

Canon 5711 (link)

The matters of a city, its administration and policies was known as Politikos (πολiτικός) and is the ancient Greek Word for both “civic law” and “civic duties”. Politikos is also the origin of the modern word for “politics”.