Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconRules and Standards

Article 109 - Canons of Military Law

Canons of Military Law (link)

By this most sacred Covenant, the Canons of Military Law are formed, also known as Canonum De Ius Militaris. All standards of Divine Law as it pertains to internal and external defence are subject to inclusion in the Canon of Military Law.

Primary and only true 1st Canon of Military Law (link)

The Canonum De Ius Militaris represents the primary, one (1) and only true 1st Canon of Military Law. Excluding this Covenant, all other laws, claims and agreements claiming standards of Military Law shall be secondary and inferior to the Canonum De Ius Militaris, ab initio (from the beginning).

Any law, court orders, opinions or other quasi legal claim that contradicts this most sacred fact, or contradicts one (1) or more clauses contained within Canonum De Ius Militaris shall be, ispo facto null and void from the beginning.

Structure of Canon of Military Law (link)

The Canon of Military Law, also known as Canonum De Ius Militaris is structured into One (1) Book, which in turn is divided into chapters, which in turn are divided into articles and then one (1) or more Canons within each article.

The major chapters of the Canon of Military Law shall be:

I. Introductory Provisions
II. Grade
III. Command
IV. Commission
V. Ensign and Uniform
VI. Strategy
VII. Orders
VIII. Review
IX. Recognition and Awards