Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconObsignatum (Enactment)

Article 144 - Obsignatum

Decretum (link)

THE HIGHEST CONCORDING PARTIES, in recognition and witness to the validity of the most sacred Covenant and deed, the Treaty of the Divine Masculine as defined by Article 45, The Treaty of the Divine Feminine as defined by Article 46, the Treaty of the Divine Apostles as defined by Article 47, the Treaty of Angels, Saints and Demons as defined by Article 48, The Treaty of Spirit States as defined by Article 49, the Treaty of the Suns as defined by Article 50 and The Treaty of the Earth as defined by Article 51, with one another Agree to this Covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum.

In recognition of our united pledge to this Covenant and the proposition of a United Heaven, we do hereby bestow our authority including all instruments of power, all claims of authority unto the holy Covenant of One Heaven and to the proper authority and structure of associated valid Societies.

That no claim to the contrary by any temporal body, no matter what year of formation shall counter this pledge and transference of power. Furthermore, that all claims of power and authority by temporal authorities to speak for, act on behalf of the Divine Creator, Great Spirits, Angels or Saints is immediately rescinded, and reserved for this Covenant and those institutions directly formed and named by this document.

Ratification of Covenant in Heaven (link)

Let it be known to All, now and forever, that upon the Election of one hundred forty four (144) Deities as the First Unique Collective Awareness of Divine Mind and Executive Government of One Heaven for the next three thousand two hundred ten (3,210) years at the First Supreme Conclave, the present Covenant was unanimously ratified in Heaven at the first session of the Convention of the Supreme Conclave on GAIA E8:Y3209:A1:S1:M6:D1, also known as [Monday, 21 Dec 2009].

Ratification of Covenant in Universe (link)

Let it be known to All, now and forever, that the ratification of the present Covenant within the dimension and reality of the one and only Universe of all Existence shall occur upon the first valid and legitimate signing, sealing and publishing of a Will and Testament according to the prescribed form whereby a Level 6 Higher Order Being recognizes their divinity and the ultimate and highest supreme authority of the present Covenant thereby forming a unique sacred covenant between Heaven and the Universe. Each and every subsequent valid and legitimate signed, sealed and published Will and Testament is hereby recognized as a new and unique sacred covenant in its own right.

The present Covenant shall be further ratified by its promulgation as the first law ratified by a University within the framework of societies as defined by the sacred Charter of the Globe Union and associated regional unions. Each subsequent ratification as the first law of a University shall be a new and unique sacred covenant in its own right.

Seal Prayer (link)

Let these divine words be sealed so that no being, nor spirit, nor force may harm or hinder the intent and meaning of the present Covenant. Protect this most sacred covenant always from any threat and ensure its accurate preservation. Bless all who read the present Covenant and who bear witness to its truth and accuracy and authority.