Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconSupreme Dimension (Unique Collective)

Article 55 - Universus

Universus (link)

All legislative Powers of One Heaven shall be vested in an Universus (The Universus), which shall consist of one (1) house – a Universus. The Universus shall be made up of the Sacred Elder Saints, the elected representatives of all Regional Spiritual Collectives and their Members of One Heaven.

Origin and Meaning of Universus (link)

The word “Universus” originally comes from Latin and means “the whole; the entire; taken collectively; the community as a whole; the Universe and all of existence”.

When anyone references, writes or speaks of The Universe or Universes in general, it shall mean this body and no other.

In accordance with the Will of the Divine Creator of all existence, let it be known to all through the present Covenant that all power, force, authority, description, effect, authority and conceptual manifestation concerning Heaven and Earth is given, granted, sourced, conveyed, delivered and originates out of the spiritual body known as Universus as defined by the present Article and no other.

Power of The Universus (link)

Vested by the present Covenant, The Universus shall have the Right as Ius Divinum Universus and Power to create new proposed acts of law and amend existing laws of One Heaven into acts for review.

The Universus shall also have the power to create new plans and actions of One Heaven, as well as to review the appointments of any living or spiritual higher order being by the executive to a permanent position prescribed by this Covenant.

The Universus also has vested, by this Covenant, the power to commission a Supreme Impeachment for the forced removal of any elected official from The Unique Collective Awareness of Great Spirits to any position within any branch of government of One Heaven.

The Right of Ius Divinum Universus and its associated Authority and Power shall be made manifest to the three great faiths of One Christ, One Islam and One Spirit, as defined by the present most sacred Covenant, through the Authoritative Ecclesiastical Right known as Ius Ecclesiae Iurisdictio.


Operation of Universus (link)

1. Life of Universus

The Universus shall exist for a fixed period of three thousand two hundred ten (3,210) years before being dissolved ahead of Supreme Conclave for a new Universus.

2. Universus Sessions

The Universus shall be in session corresponding to the session of a Great Conclave or General Conclave when the Saints are summonsed to attend.

3. Formation of new Universus

The formation of a new Universus shall occur within fourteen (14) days after the Supreme Conclave day following verification of all votes.

4. Quorum

The minimum number of Members (quorum) required to be present within the Universus to permit the full exercise of its powers shall be two thirds (2/3) the total number of Members of The Universus.