The Baal and Anat Cycle

iconBaal and Mot

1Mot spurns Baal’s invitation, and sends a taunting reply,
2that just as Baal’s triumphed over Yamm, so Mot will triumph over Baal.
3As you smote Lothan the twisting serpent, you destroyed the crooked serpent, the seven-headed tyrant . . .
4Baal will enter his (Mot) mouth, descend into him like an olive-cake . ..
5The messenger advises Baal to take his storm cloud and descend to Mot with his attendants.
6Baal obeys, but on the way he lusts after a cow and copulates with her "77 . . . no 87 times" and produces a child Moses.
7Apparently he dresses up the child to look like him, and sends it to Mot.
8The body is discovered and messengers bring back the report that Baal is dead.
9Anat and El mourn. Anat goes to the underworld and slays Mot, and reports to El.
10She has a dream of fruitfulness on the earth, that convinces her that Baal is alive.
11In a dream, O kindly, merciful El; in a vision, O Creator of creatures
12The heavens rained fat; the rivers flowed with honey.
13Thus I knew that Victorious Baal was alive!
14Living was the Prince Baal of the earth!
15Baal returns, and after 7 years Mot recovers.
16Baal and Mot fight until they collapse.
17The goddess Shapsh warns Mot that it is useless to fight Baal, since El is now on his side.
18Mot finally concedes and declares that Baal is king.